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Thread: New Pulman Tamper *WOW thanks

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    New Pulman Tamper *WOW thanks

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    First let me say sorry for all the handle changes, hope I havent confused you all ... this feels like the real me. And reflects my passion for Ballroom Dancing, which I love. 8-)

    Just upgraded to a Pulman Tamper fitted to a Synesso Basket

    Wow thanks Robin for putting that together... it really is lovely. It is so heavy/solid... what a lovely feel. ::)

    This is an upgrade from the little plastic thingy that came with my Faema S1... surprise really that they even put it in, but then I guess its understood that you will have your own. But using that plastic thingy lots of coffee eased its way up the edges between the tamper and the basket. *

    NOT now with the Pulman. Beautiful flat surface as a result... and the rings really help me to get it horizontal. And looks and feels great.

    Now to learn about good pressure to apply and correct grind size. *

    This has been compounded by acquiring JavaBs old La Cimbali Junior. And what a lovely machine it is too, solid +++ and just purrs along. One mans trash is another mans treasure ;). and Im learning to drive that as well as my recently acquired machine and tamper. Hah, *steep learning curve but rather fun and enjoyable. My Coffees vary so much at the moment, but gradually getting closer to what I desire

    Thanks all for your discussions on this board, I read them avidly. This really is addictive for Compulsive Obsessive types

    Robert aka happyfeet :) nee HappyMac nee RobertMac

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    Re: New Pulman Tamper  WOW thanks

    I concur with your remarks on the Pullman, I too purchased one matched to the Synesso double ridgeless basket, the quality of the tamper compared to the crock I was sold when I purchased my Silvia is excellent and my shots improved out of sight using the Pullman/Synesso combo!!

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    Re: New Pulman Tamper *WOW thanks

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    ByThe Way

    Id like to publically acknowledge the efforts JavaB went to to get my Junior grinder to me. *

    Way above the call of duty, including obtaining a packing box and filling it with all kinds of protective supports and packing... to make it safe for freighting WA to Sydney. It took me ages to unpack it and dispose of the materials. I understand why you would have preferred to sell it a local buyer.

    JavaB/Robin *:): Thanks *for your efforts on my behalf and all your support and advice *(and the Junior which I love and the Pulman which I also love)

    CS is such a friendly and supportive community from all that I have experienced.


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