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Thread: Triple baskets in Cafes

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    Triple baskets in Cafes

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    So i went into the local cafe near work today, they use Campos, and was having a chat about equipment they have, talking about their LM Linea etc, and the barista mentioned he uses triple baskets for his shots all the time. Is this a normal occurence?

    Trust me, Ive no problems with it as they make a great cup, but is that something that happens often in cafes? (Im shouting out to those who live behind machines).


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    Re: Triple baskets in Cafes

    At the end of the day it all comes down to whats in the cup.

    At our airport store we use triple baskets for 2 reasons.

    1) Being that it is all takeaways, and that some time ago industry standards for takeaway cups were decided to be 8 oz and 12 oz instead of 6oz and 12 oz. The triple baskets allow us to pull full 30-35ml espressos in a 8 oz with the same flavour profile as we get in our 20-25ml espressos in a 6 oz cup at the roastery. This means that the extra coffee essentially gives us the chance to pull 1.5 restricted espressos into a 8oz cup keeping the espresso to milk ratio ideal, for us. You are talking about an extra 3.5 grams of coffee per espresso which is hardly noticable $$$s wise.

    2) Being that it is a remote location with 6 baristas covering 120-130 barista hours a week, the extra coffee gives a bit of room for error. The baristas can pull a technically poor espresso but still get a great shot. This is important where we have experience varying from 15+ years to 15 weeks behind the machine.

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    Re: Triple baskets in Cafes

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    The other advantage would be that if your blend is designed to cut through most are, you could [using the triple], pull ristrettos [cut short by time] whenever espressos are requested and your customer would end up with a sweeter less bitter shot.

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