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Thread: Are home espresso machines the next big thing?

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    Are home espresso machines the next big thing?

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    I remember when I was looking to get a new CM, scouring through the appliance retailers catalogs and being quite surprised by how many of them had at least 1/2 a page dedicated to coffee machines.

    It was particularly prevalent around xmas time with even the local Harvey Normans doing a radio advert, inviting people to a taste trial in store with various machines. This was quite different than when we actually bought ours, when they couldnt even allow a demo as they had no demo machines available for the 6910.

    The Krups / Delonghi autos seem to be getting the most shelf space (presumabely these have the best mark-ups and the "push a button" simplicity helps sell them?) with then the base machines filling the gaps.

    It seems to have quietened down a bit now, with normally only 1 or 2 machines advertised in the mailers, but for them to have any presence at all seems impressive.

    Is this something I have noticed only since I took an interest in coffee (interest / obsession, seems like a fine line to me), or has it always been the case?

    I work in a mall in Christchurch, there are currently 3 coffee shops (a Muffin break, Robert Harris cafe and 1 other cafe), but 1 of the stores in the foodcourt also sells coffee. There is also a 4th cafe opening up in the not too distant future. Is the future of coffee really that bright?


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    Re: Are home espresso machines the next big thing?

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    I think home machines (appliance type ones) have been big business for a long time. Department stores have often pushed them. I remember the old Myer Megamart used to have people in store often demonstrating the Nespresso machine or one of the other brands. Usually, they tend to push them for Fathers Day and Christmas.

    Id like to think that prosumer machines would be the new growth area, but I have no statistics to back that up.

    Is the future of coffee that bright? It seems pretty strong at present.

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