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Thread: Help to choose between

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    Help to choose between

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello guys.
    I have a little problem. I want to buy coffee machine but there arent very big range of choice in my city. So I stuck between these models:

    Breville BES200
    Saeco V.Veneto DLSil
    Saeco Gran Crema
    Saeco MagicEspresso
    Krups XP400030

    Which one do you think is better and why?

    Also, there are some more expensive models which probably are ok too. But than I want to know are they really better or not:

    Breville BES400
    Saeco M.Cappucino
    Breville 800ESXL

    Help me plz =)

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    Re: Help to choose between

    Firstly, What is your budget, and by that, I mean how much are you willing to spend?

    What city are you in?

    There are much better machines available than the above, it all depends on your budget.

    You also need to factor in a grinder too.

    Also, you can contact one of the site sponsors and have a chat with one of them.

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    Re: Help to choose between

    I live in Russia and we havent all brands on our market.

    So looks like Im stuck just with models and brands above and need to choose between them. All them are within my budget as I wrote.

    What about grinder, Im going to buy Breviiles one. And there are too just saeco, breville and krups grinders on the maket.

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    Re: Help to choose between

    Hi Spacer,

    I can not remember much about any of the machines you mention, but as a guide, I suggest avoid anything with thermoblock, look for something with a boiler. Aluminium boilers are common in the cheaper machines and require filtered water and regular descaling to get decent life out of them, but they are capable of making good coffee. (Small boilers will limit steaming capacity a bit). Also better if you can get a non pressurised PF with the machine, or you can modify some of the pressurised PFs....depends initially how fresh your coffee beans are.

    The machine will be limited by the quality of the worth spending more on a grinder, even buying over the internet if possible to get a better one than those you mention, and maybe use a plunger till you can afford the machine.


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    Re: Help to choose between

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    In Soviet Russia, espresso machine pours you!

    The Breville BES400 (Ikon) has a stainless steel boiler and a looks like good value for money at the bottom end of the scale - pretty sure theres at least one Coffee Snobs regular who uses this machine...

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