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Thread: Ascaso Duo Brew Temp Prob!

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    Ascaso Duo Brew Temp Prob!

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    I recently replaced the group head seal on a customers Ascaso Duo machine, so while I had the opportunity I checked the brew water temp at the group head. I was pretty surprised by what I found.

    I used a Scace device & all measurements were logged after a 2 sec purge.

    Graph 1: Thermostat light goes out & group up to temp

    Graph 2: Temp guage drops from "blue" zone into "black" zone

    Graph 3: repeat of #1

    Graph 4: repeat of #2

    How would a home user without a Scace device ever find the right temp on one of these machines if they all behave the way this one does??

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    Re: Ascaso Duo Brew Temp Prob!

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    Pot luck or join Coffee Snobs and become best frinds with mcknightp.

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