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Thread: Tiny lil milk fridges

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    Tiny lil milk fridges

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    So: Ive just started working in a nu place, and its all too cute.

    BUT! Although the fridge houses the milk (regular & skinny), the Bonsoy sits out at room temperature, and the fridge is kinda too far away to be any real help anyway. Meaning? Room temperature soy milk in the jug getting too hot too soon.

    No, there is not really enough room in the fridge for the soy.

    So what Im looking for is a really small fridge; enough to house a few litres o soy variety. Then Im happier. Yall know of any?

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    Re: Tiny lil milk fridges

    theres a small waeco benchtop one. holds 1litre milk carton
    its called a fridgemaster
    sold through camping shops or direct at

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    Re: Tiny lil milk fridges

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    Hi there
    Dick Smith also sell them branded as "DSE"
    We have one as part of our coffee machine setup at work.


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