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Thread: Nova Espress - Moka Pot Made in Italy

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    Nova Espress - Moka Pot Made in Italy

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    Ok guys and gals, *I went to the open air supermarket the other day. (The recycling centre at the local tip) *Open Air supermarket sounds better though. *I managed to pick up for 50c each, 2 x Pyrex plungers (one person size) and a Moka Pot. *What I would like to know is some details on the Moka Pot as I am an espresso machine user and first time stove top pot maker.

    I have attached a photo of the pot for you to check it out and give advice.

    1. Has anyone seen this brand and if so is it any good. *(Nova Espress- Brevettata Made in Italy)
    2. The top and bottom do not seperate and it is different from other moka pot setups so a little harder to clean - Best way to clean this?
    3. It is aluminium and I have heard that Aluminium leave nasty taste - is this try or can I get a decide cup out of this.
    4. Tips for brewing a good cup, *How much coffee to I put into the basket - Do I tamp and press lightly or not at all?

    Any other comments or suggestion are welcome. *Even if you so throw it in the bin as it is crap. *Still makes good coffee nostalgia for 50c.

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    Re: Nova Espress - Moka Pot Made in Italy

    you use this the same as any other moka pot plenty of instructions on the web
    i have one the same

    but basically
    fill lower chamber with water, to the bottom of the safety valve
    fill coffee chamber with coffee, i overfill and wipe with crooked finger, this way the filter compacts the coffee properly.
    coffee ground approx drip filter or medium to fine.
    wipe gasket before putting together
    place on stove top abnd medium heat and let it heat and bubble up
    when the water boils in the lower chamber it uses the steam to force the water through the coffee
    as with a conventional coffee machine the grind and quantity in the basket is critical
    using the right blend/ roast produces a very nice coffee

    cleaning with litlle bit of citric acid or lemon juice this time only
    make a couple of cups to re oil surfaces and discard
    normally wash after use in hot water,

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    Re: Nova Espress - Moka Pot Made in Italy

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    Hi Goodies

    I suggest you go beyond the basics and take a look at Robsters posts on how to use a moka - his results will make you drool.


    and here

    As for cleaning it, personally, Id start with a scourer and detergent, and maybe live with/try the results before trying anything harsher.

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