Hi, guys!
Heres one happy story of me buying my first serious espresso machine. I posted somewhere earlier that I bought an Isomac Zaffiro at DiBellas North Melbourne warehouse. The machine was quite impressive (fantastic espresso and not very hard to make, I must say) and I liked all aspects of it except that I had to wait for 2 minutes for steam after pulling my shot - yes that a single boiler machine and the boiler is quite big (800ml). Guys at the warehouse, however, we advertising this machine as the one that "could brew coffee and steam milk at the same time".
I came to them later quoting this line and basically asked if there was any legitimate way of shortening the waiting time, etc. Basically we didnt find easy solution to this problem and I pointed out that they shouldnt be selling Zaffiro with this description then and asked if there was any chance of paying the difference and swapping the Zaffiro to a HX machine. After two weeks of negotiations and a feedback letter posted to DiBella website, when I thought we were in the stalemate Phillip DiBella himself stepped in, offered a good deal and organized the swap of Zaffiro to Makin Espresso.
And here I am, a proud owner of a new Makin Espresso! and I am absolutely ecstatic!
I know that DiBella coffee is not a sponsor of this site, but nevertheless Id like to praise their top management for caring about their customers.