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Thread: Vacpot nostalgia

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    Vacpot nostalgia

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    Oh how it takes me back...

    Many years ago, I enjoyed what i then described as my perfect coffee, in a little coffee shop on glenferrie rd in malvern. It was brewed in a vacpot, something I had never heard of before, and up until recently had never considered getting for home.

    However, due to the fact that i am moving considerably further from my workplace, so my commute is going to be a lot longer, and I will also be trying to save money, I am going to be foregoing my usual morning purchase of coffee and starting to make my own most mornings.

    To this end, I have taken the plunge, and purchased a sunbeam em0480 grinder and a bodum santos vacpot. I have just brewed my first pot of coffee, using the same blend of beans as i had in that shop many years ago. The taste potential was there, but i suspect i need to work on my technique a fair bit to get it just right.

    I initially had the grinder setting at about 20. I think i will move it up to about 16 for the next attempt.

    If anyone can give me some good vacpot suggestions, i am all ears.

    Will report back on how im going with it soon.

    Mmmmmm nostalgia just aint what it used to be.

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    Re: Vacpot nostalgia

    I must confess I am in love with my vacpots. I have the Santos 10 cup and also a modified Hario 3 cup for those just me times.

    As for your grind size it is relative to you brew time. I go for a medium grind, coarser than a filter machine but finer than plunger. I use hot water to start and heat with a medium heat. Once half the water has risen into the top I stirr the coffee and time 2 1/2 mins. I take it off the heat and it takes 1 min to syphon back down. Certain coffees Ill grind finer or coarser but that is trial and error.

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    Re: Vacpot nostalgia

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    Indeed, I have been experimenting with grinds and am using a grind only slightly coarser than the one i use for espresso. I am absolutely loving the coffee im getting from the santos.

    A friend of mine who was overly dubious when I invited him to try some, is now converted to the vacpots and is shortly going to be getting himself one. I knew I would like it, it is especially a thrill to hear someone else state that it is the nicest coffee they can remember having.

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