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Thread: Machine Backfiring

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    Machine Backfiring

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    I have an old Melitta cappuccino machine (not sure how old, must be about 12 years old or so), had heavy use initially, light to nil use for a few years and its now back making 1 - 2 cups most days (is our machine at the shop, the 6910 is at home).

    From time to time after I have run the shot and turned the dial to the neutral position (turn dial one way for shot, the other way for steam / hot water), there is an odd sound coming from the machine, almost like a back firing sort of a sound. It doesnt do this all the time (was doing it a few weeks ago, then went away and has just started up again).

    I have no idea what the make-up of the machine is (thermoblock or boiler) but has anyone had any other machine make similar sounds, if so, was the problem serious?

    I have no intention of spending any money on it. It was "expensive" when it was bought, but would be worth very little now I suspect so its pretty much see how long it lasts, but just curious if the problem sounds fatal.



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    Re: Machine Backfiring

    Guess youve already checked the obvious things like spark plugs? ::)

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    Re: Machine Backfiring

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    a pic might help

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