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Thread: Silvia Cleaning!!!

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    Silvia Cleaning!!!

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    Hi All, :)
    Following on from the early thread on Back flushing for a Silvia i thought i would rase the question on another area i am not sure on, and that is Desclaeing? ( hope that is right) the Machine, within this i have a three part question.

    FIRSTLY... what is it? i know it has something to do with flushing something thought the system but i am not sure what it is, or how or where to get it.

    SECONDLY: what is the Advantage/Disadvantage/Difference, between descaleing and back flushing? (i have done back flushing before on much bigger machine’s, however as i discussed on the thread below on the matter, i am still not game to test it out on my Silvia quite yet).

    Thirdly, How often should it be preformed???

    I look forward to reading everyones views on the matter,


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    Re: Silvia Cleaning!!!

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    To answer your first question, scale is a mineral residue, usually calcium, which exists in many water supplies. When this scale hits a hit heating element -- eletric kettles, coffee machines -- it forms a rusty-coloured insulating layer over the element, surrounding material and associated pipes.

    If you look into your electric kettle, the rust-like colour is scale. This makes it harder and harder for the element to do its work, and, in severe cases, may cause clogging.

    There are many products to eliminate scale, but the cheapest is citric acid as used in the kitched. Its added to the water tank in a measured quantity, and run and flushed through the system. Your instruction book should help, otherwise, there are several internet sites offering help.

    Backflushing, on the other hand, deals with de-gunking coffee residue from the areas after the boiler: group head, 3-way valve, portafilter .

    How often to descale: Instruction books recommed desired intervals. But avoiding scale in the first place is best, by using filtered water. The filter must specify it does eliminate calcium deposits.

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