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Thread: Bottomless Porta-Filter

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    Bottomless Porta-Filter

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    Gday all,
    Ive been wanting to try a bottomless porta-filter, both to improve my shots, and because Ive heard they improve the taste of the coffee.
    I always do double shots--mostly ristrettos--so my comment and question go like this:
    Comment: A bottomless filter for my VBM Levetta looks to be in the region of $90--and that would buy a lot of beans.
    Questions: What are the odds that Id want to go back to a bottomed PF?--should I just cut my VBM PF and not worry about it?
    All comments on going bottomless and options are welcomed. (Blue comments will probably be censored no matter how funny they are!)

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    Re: Bottomless Porta-Filter

    IMO, a bottomless filter is a MUST if you have not trained on one before.

    With regards to taste, the only way it will affect taste if its not heated. With a naked PF, your shot drops straight into your cup.

    Unless you know u dont ever need to make two coffees at once with a double spout, dont cut it. and plus, a VBM stock PF is quality and u dont want to just go hacking away at it.

    If im making only one coffee, its always a bottomless.

    hope it helps

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    Re: Bottomless Porta-Filter

    You may be better off trying to get your hands on an old (other machine) PF and holesawing the bottom outta that. I did that when I only had my Baby Gaggias. I found an old Carezza at a vinnies for nothing, cut the bottom out and bam.

    With my Minore, I was blessed with being given 2 LM PFs. One I have as a spare, and one I cut the bottom out of. Plus the one that came with the machine.

    Theyre a worthwhile investment either way. I dont think I could live on just the bottomless PF. Id want both for sure.

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    Re: Bottomless Porta-Filter

    I think you will find one of the sponsors sells bottomless filters for VBN for $79 plus postage. No need to destroy the one that comes with the machine. ;)

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    Re: Bottomless Porta-Filter

    I bought mine separately and keep the blind filter in my original double spouted one.
    If I have people over its easy to swap the basket into the spouted PF.

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    Re: Bottomless Porta-Filter

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    I would echo the comments from above. It is great to have a bottomless pf, but I would not want to have just a bottomless. I bought a 15-degree LM (replica) when I bought my machine so had 2 pfs from day one. Later down the track I bought a bottomless pf from coffeeparts. So the blind filter stays in my original pf and I mainly use the 15-degree pf and just use the bottomless when I want to have a play around with it.

    Realistically you would need 2 pfs. One with your spouts and one bottomless and just put your blind filter in one of them when it is time to backflush.

    If I had have had the facilities I would have just used a holesaw on my spare pf. Eventually I plan to buy a synesso double basket with a matching Pullman (when the new one is released) and than I will leave the double LM in the bottomless pf.

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