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Thread: Acid for Scale Removal

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    Acid for Scale Removal

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    I thought Id start a new thread on this.

    As we speak, my Bezzera hx is soaking in a solution of sulphamic acid. I bought it from Bunnings. It is 41.2g/litre so in its present dilution it is quite dilute, probably about 10g/litre.

    I normally use citric and if this doesnt do the trick by tomorrow morning, I will use citric acid.

    If you have any stories, suggestions etc, please let me know.


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    Re: Acid for Scale Removal

    Hi Grant,

    Maybe drop a PM to Javaphile or Mauricem who you have already been swapping ideas. I know Java has competed an extensive refit of his Cimbali Semi-Auto which involved the removal of significant scale build-up.

    The information exchange could then be redirected to the open forum for all to learn from :D


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    Re: Acid for Scale Removal

    I use "edible acid" by choice, a solution of Citric and Acetic.

    If that doesnt move it then CLR is great, but needs a lot of rincing to make sure you dont cup the nasties later.

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    Re: Acid for Scale Removal

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    I used Citric Acid in pretty strong concentrations and did several soaks on the heavily scaled parts with some physical abrassion used between soaks to help with the removal of thick areas of scale. It took awhile but eventually did the job. :)

    Java "Been there, done that, hope to never have to do it again!" phile

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