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Thread: Getting a home machine repaired - questions?

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    Getting a home machine repaired - questions?

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    Ive got a Nemox Fenice home machine.

    Its about 8 weeks old but has developed a leaky steam want (mounting point, not nozzle). The shower screen also leaks when the machine is switched on (probably buggered seals??).

    The leaky steam end started less than a fortnight from getting the machine, and has progressively got worse. I used to wrap a small piece of cloth around the middle section of the wand and it would catch most of the drippage when frothing milk. Now the amount of water coming out is too much and spilling into the milk jug, and the leaky seal is also affecting steam pressure.

    The authorised dealer/service agent is Lygon Imports in Melbourne.

    The machine was purchased from a large retail store. I made a brief enquiry with a sales person and was led to believe that the machine would be repaired by an in-house store tech and not be sent off to Lygon Imports?! Is this the norm? Cant I just give the machine directly to the agent and get it repaired under warranty, in probably a shorter turnaround time than through the store itself?

    Due to ease of repairs and access to salesfolk who are knowledgeable about the product means that I usually prefer to buy complicated/high end/engineered equipment and appliances such as coffee machines from a specialist as opposed to the large chains (long story, but this was a gift and I didnt want to berate the giver).

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    Re: Getting a home machine repaired - questions?

    What difference doesn it make who fixes it? Just take it to the service centre and theyll fix it. It might not take long at all. They only have to replace the seal or the part. Why do you assume that itll take long to get fixed? Did they say it would? It might even take less time as it wont be sent away.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Getting a home machine repaired - questions?

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    The caffe Fenice is a good machine irrespective of where it was bought so I would say it is a nice present! :)

    If you sent the supplied warranty card in after purchase, Lygon imports will have a record for warranty. The usual deal is to pack it up securely and deliver it to them. They will repair it and if it is a warrantable problem they will do it "under warranty" ie no charge, and deliver it back to you. There may or may not be a charge for delivery back to you but the norm, is that the owner is responsible for transport / delivery.

    I sincerely doubt that any dept store will have an "in house" coffee machine tech however what they might do is pack it up and deliver it to Lygon, or Lygons agent nearby. ie they might act as a pick up point for you and in that case you might get out of transport changes....

    Dont quibble about, get it fixed before it gets any worse, get it back and enjoy it.


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