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Thread: Request advice: Expobar Leva vs. Unico Splendor

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    Request advice: Expobar Leva vs. Unico Splendor

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    NOTE: Sorry, I realised that this is in the wrong section. I will repost in Machines $1500 to $2500. PLease reply there. Cheers.

    HI All,
    Firstly, I stumbled across this site last night & I love it....awesome! There is some excellent info to be found here.
    My dilema;
    I love my coffee & currently use a stovetop perc. I have been thinking about a machine for ages. From what I have read, it would seem that the Expobar Leva is a great machine! I am close to going with that.
    I have also seen a bit around on the Unico Slendor. Would this be a fair comparison? I am interested to know what is in the market as far as competetion, or should I just not bother & go straight to the Expobar.
    There seems to be alot of experince in here & I am impressed by the amount of professional baristors that comment, so I am really hoping for a bit of useful feedback before spending the cash.
    Cheers in advance!!

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    Re: Request advice: Expobar Leva vs. Unico Splendo

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Hey Wiggles,

    Welcome to coffee snobs mate.

    Ultimately in the price range suggested by your preferences, you are going to get a great machine. But, each machine has its quirks and for day to day use, these quirks can be very important.
    If comming from a stove top perc, youd really need to have pulled a few shots on various machines before you would appreciate some of the differences.

    <------Many of our site sponsors sell+support these type of machines, I would recommend talking to someone who stocks/has used several of them and can explain the differences.
    From personal experience, Chris at Talk coffee is very good, but the other site sponsors here also get very high recommendations from fellow CSers.

    Remember, you will also need to pair such a machine with an excellent grinder.

    Good luck with it all.

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