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Thread: help with my brasilia century cappuccino

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    help with my brasilia century cappuccino

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have just purchased,what i think to be a brasilia century,the machine is in good order,and everything seems to work as it should-good steam,plenty of hot water.One problem when i go to make an espresso i get a flat lifeless coffee,with no crema,and not particularly hot.I was running the machine from the tank,the previous owner said this could be my problem,i have now plumbed into the mains-no difference.
    * The boiler seems to fill as it should.and heat up well,running on just over 1.5 bar-but the standard of coffee is a mystery,i am using the correct grind etc.

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    Re: help with my brasilia century cappuccino

    hi. *It could be lots of things. *I had a quick look and gather it is a hx machine with vibe pump? *In that case, I would not have expected plumbing in to make any difference. *I dont think the coffee would be coming out cold. *Your boiler is well hot enough (1.5 bar), and the hx would heat it adequately. *If you run it without any coffee in the filter the water should come out pretty hot (too hot to touch). *You should be looking to grind to about 30ml in 25 secs (single shot). *Adjust your grind/tamp until you get that, and see if anything improves. *if you do this, and if your coffe is ok (not too old, not from safeways!) and you still have problems then maybe you have a pump problem, or are losing pressure somewhere.


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    Re: help with my brasilia century cappuccino

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    Hi russnik,
    welcome to CS!

    Question; what type of coffee are you using? Where are you getting it from? What type of grinder have you got also?


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