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Thread: Krups basket for Breville 800 Machine

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    Krups basket for Breville 800 Machine

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    I recently bought a Breville 800 Series Espresso machine and compared with my old Mezzo have been less than happy with the results. I read on the forums here that a non-pressurised krups basket improves the espresso quality but with the new basket (part#0907163) i am having trouble getting any extraction at all with the resulting shot being virtually flavourless and colourless. Is this basket not suitable or am I doing something wrong? I have a Sunbeam EMO480 conical burr grinder so have a wide range of grind options. Currently using grind option 12. I would appreciate any help. :)

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    Re: Krups basket for Breville 800 Machine

    How old are your beans? Anything over 4 weeks or so and you will struggle.
    How fast is the pour coming out? If you are getting more than 60ml (from a double) in 30 seconds, then your grind needs to be finer.
    But, freshness of the beans is the most important factor. If they are supermarket beans, theyre stale.

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    Re: Krups basket for Breville 800 Machine

    I go through my beans very quickly and get them a Gloria Jeans. Not sure how fresh they are when I buy them though. Will experiment with different grinds and see what happens

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    Re: Krups basket for Breville 800 Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConLeche link=1211855518/0#2 date=1211857640
    ...Gloria Jeans...
    Thats your problem right there ;)

    As you guessed, the beans are stale before you even open the bag. Track down some freshly roasted beans and youll never look back! If you cant find a local roaster, you can mail order roasted beans from Coffee Snobs, Veneziano, Cuppacoffee, Obscura and a whole host of other site sponsors listed over on the left :)

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