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Thread: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

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    Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi folks,

    I am new here and also new to the game. Have just win Wellseek espresso machine at auction, I think its the 201 model. Was wondering if it will be any good and good enough to learn on, or did I waste my money.

    Thanks, Jan

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    Re: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

    If it lasts any length of time well then thats great
    If not :)
    I think this machine will make a great boat anchor

    Sorry *Jan

    Its mostly plastic

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    Re: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

    All hopes are not lost...

    Use freshly ground coffee and you should get reasonably drinkable shots.

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    Re: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

    Yep, fresh coffee will make a huge difference.

    I dont know this machine but the other trick I have done with cheaper machines is just pull an espresso shot, add hot water and milk (if you do milk) like you would making an instant coffee.

    Steam can be a pain on smaller machines so dont worry about making the perfect latte, just get your espresso shots right.

    Have fun with it and remember to come back and post when you install the 3 group Marzocco in a few years time.

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    Re: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???


    I used to have one and as a point of entry into the world of espresso its very cheap, fun to use and makes a good learning tool.
    If you enjoy the process of making coffee and of course drinking it, then you will probably out grow it pretty quickly, but if you find it all too much trouble then at least it hasnt cost a lot to realise.

    Fresh coffee freshly ground will make big improvements in flavour.

    Like most entry level machines
    It is based on a small thermoblock, with a thin [low thermal mass] portafilter and a pressurised basket.

    On the plus side it is forgiving and the best shots will usually look good.
    But on the negtive, [compared with real machine] your best possible espresso shot will be very thin [no body] and only have about 10% of the flavour of a properly brewed shot.

    Steaming was slow and the milk always tasted a bit watery, but again it was a good starting point to learn how to texture

    Mind you with practise you may still end up with better coffee than some dubious cafes.

    The main thing is to enjoy it, coffee is a journey and Ive enjoyed every stage of mine.

    Whilst chasing the flavour of a "real" shot I began to grind finer and finer and tamp firmer and eventually [I think I pushed it too far!] the PF exploded from the pressure spraying hot cast metal and coffee everywhere, but hey after 6 months, I knew Id become a coffee snob and everything changed.

    So go for it..... many of the rules for making great coffee still apply to such a machine, youll find plenty of useful reading here and will be able to put a lot of it into practise.
    If you update down the track, you will find the transition much easier.

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    Re: Wellseek espresso 201...any good???

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Sorry about my comment above Jan
    It was not meant to offend, but just to be cheeky

    However my wifes parents and there neighbours have similar machines and find that making coffee is OK if making one at a time
    But they have given up on steaming milk
    they heat the milk up on the stove or microwave and add it to the coffee

    Recently they have sold the machine and have gone back to the Bodum plunger and stove top Greek/Turkish style.


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