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Thread: Machine for non milk/steam espresso lover?

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    Machine for non milk/steam espresso lover?

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    If a person wanted to buy a good machine but was going to use it for espresso 100% of the time, would it be a waste of time going for something like the ECM Giotto? *Would the Silvia/Rocky combination be as good as one would need (aesthetics aside). *From what I understand, a large part of the design and engineering of semi commercial machines like ECM and Diadema relates to steam production. *Am I correct in this?

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    Re: Machine for non milk/steam espresso lover?

    If you want the best single boiler but not really desgined so well for anything else then talk to Sparky.

    Here is a reference to the machine he almost got, the Domobar.


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    Re: Machine for non milk/steam espresso lover?

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    Vibiemme Domobar. There are lots of great testimonials on this machine on the European coffee web site TooMuchCoffee.

    I was soooo close to getting that machine. For espresso, this machine is the top of the tree. Its performance is in the same class as the Isomac Zaffiro, but the price here in Australia is significantly lower. Crivelli Coffee in Melbourne are the distributers and you can order the machine through any Hudsons store. However, as much as I crave the ultimate ristretto, I still drink and enjoy milk drinks, so this machine might not have been the best fit for me. Then a HX machine came my way, and youre right, HX machines are not the panacea that many people think. A temperature stable single boiler machine is much easier to use for making espresso, IMHO.

    The machine is racked with features well over and above the Silvia: It has an adjustable brew temperature, adjustable brew pressure, brew pressure gauge, E61 head for extra thermal stability, low water cut-off switch (so you wont run the water reservoir dry), superb internal build quality. Its basically one of the best out-of-the-box performers you can get. Theres virtually no need to temperature surf with this machine. Just set the temperature to what tastes best and brew at the top of the temperature cycle.

    One caveat: After sales backup is one area of concern, especially if buying through Hudsons. However, if you find a good coffee machine repairer, then there should be nothing to worry about, as most parts are generic.

    Bottom line: If youre 100% sure that milk drinks wont feature in your future, then this machine will be the ultimate espresso machine.



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