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Thread: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~30

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    Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~30

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello all:

    In desperate need to make a new purchase as our reliable old machine finally bit the bullet yesterday.

    Quick profile: 30-40 users, totalling ~30+ shots/day. Strictly black coffees short/long... no one bothers with milk.

    For the last 9 years weve abused the hell out of a little Saeco Magic Deluxe. It cost about $1500 originally and has probably had $2000 in repairs over 9 years. Overall its served us well despite being vastly underpowered.

    Weve finally agreed that its unsalvageable and were better off buying new. Id rather go with a big Saeco Idea but the moneys just not there, so Im looking for something in the $1000-2000 range that will be reliable. Remember that we dont require the bells and whistles of nice frothing capabilities.

    Im considering going with another Saeco Magic... or maybe something from their Talea (sp?) range. Any opinions out there? For the record Id rather not go with a Saeco at all, but were in Canberra and there is still (for now) an authorized Saeco agent in town for repairs. Thats not the case with the other options to my knowledge.


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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    Have a chat with Attilio from CosmoreX. *Theyre on the left side of the page. *Im sure he can discuss some options with you, and hes in Canberra too.

    Edit: Bunch of spelling mistakes.

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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    Why not try a Sunbeam 6910, a lot cheaper than the Saeco and will make a lot better espresso and americanos.

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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    Sounds like ease-of-use is the main priority over quality coffee here. Sorry if Im way off. Im guessing a Super-auto is more on the cards like a JURA or something.

    If not, maybe hitting up a Expobar Office, Isomac Zaffiro, or VBM Vashetta/Levetta and a good grinder, like a Compak K3 to keep you under or around budget.

    I guess having exposed group head for the accidental burn factor might come into play.... but I guess you start to learn pretty quick what not to touch....

    To keep up with that amount of traffic, Id be tempted to go a bit better than a 6910.

    Especially if you want something reliable.

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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    Hey all, thanks for the replies. Yes Im afraid it needs to be a super-auto, as we have a range of users that cant be trusted. Speed of throughput is also an issue as there are occasions when 5 people walk in to get a coffee at once.

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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    I would contact the good folks at Gilkatho as they deal with mostly Automatic office machines

    I looked at the range when I collected my bean bay order
    Some good looking Jura machines


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    Re: Advice: reliable, simple office machine for ~3

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs ogrex..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    As youve probably gathered from the replies to your query already, there are plenty of options available for sourcing your hardware. Since you are in Canberra though, I can happily recommend Cosmorex Coffee (website link on the L/H side of the page) to you as not only is the proprietor a sponsor of this great website, but he and his staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience where the reliable supply of good quality coffee is concerned, in the workplace.

    Dont know that he will be recommending Saeco though, there are better machines out there for the money where reliability and longevity is concerned and of course, the absolute necessity of long term service and support. Im sure you wont be disappointed.... :)


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