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Thread: Full auto for small business - what to do?

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    Full auto for small business - what to do?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My dad has a small computer business that he runs from home. He likes to offer clients a coffee/cake/biscuits whatever. Time is of the essence in preparing the coffee (dad is usually doing 40 things at once) and he has purchased a fully automatic Delonghi machine, which is quite frankly, awful.

    The Delonghi has been replaced once and repaired about 4 times under warranty. My dad also prefers to come to us to have coffee because ours tastes better :S

    I know that a fully automatic machine will not allow as much control as a semi and the coffee will not be as good. We accept that and that is the price for speed and efficiency (and not leaving a massive mess for my mother to clean up when she gets home from work). Given that, what is the best of the bad bunch?

    I have read conflicting reports but it looks like Jura might be the way to go - any feedback on that?

    Is there a reliable auto that can make coffee that would be acceptable to some level? How can I make the business coffee snob friendly??

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    Re: Full auto for small business - what to do?

    Depending on where your Dad lives as to where I would point you for more info but the Jura is certainly the auto of choice for both Cosmorex and Gilkatho (site sponsor links to the left).

    I have had a few shots from them in the past that were easily the best auto shots I have ever had.

    The best trick with any coffee machine is fresh coffee and some tweaking of the settings (fine grind, biggest dose, less water volume is a good place to start).

    Grab some good beans (BeanBay brown is good ;) ) and go and visit the sellers. If you can make a good coffee on your own machine then visiting the seller with the same coffee and asking them to make you a coffee would be a great starting place I would think.

    Of course if you really want to make dad proud just start roasting coffee for him and his customers!


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    Re: Full auto for small business - what to do?

    Hey RachelG,
    Andy is right, the trick to the fully automatics is tweaking them or as I call it Pimping them. I have had a lot of experience with fully automatic machines and my recommendation would be a Saeco Royal professional as it is easy to use and clean.

    Just a note:- If a machine is used for a business to service clients coffee. Saeco and Delonghi are the only two that will warrant the warranty for 12months from what I understand so be careful when purchasing on a business.

    Good luck & remember fresh beans are vital.


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    Re: Full auto for small business - what to do?

    Thats great, thank you both for the info. Were in Perth.

    The warranty is definitely a factor. I will look into it further. Hopefully one day he can produce coffee fit for a snob :)

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    Re: Full auto for small business - what to do?

    I have seen the range of machines at Gilkatho in Brisbane when I collected my bean bay order
    Nice Jura machines


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    Re: Full auto for small business - what to do?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Our work DeLonghi has also been repaired 3 times under warranty (so far).
    It just came back and is working OK, but it wont grind fine enough. We get 40 ml in about 10 seconds on the finest grind. When Ive used pre-ground to get 40 ml in 30 seconds or so it often craps out and says it is choked.
    Only setting the water level to 30 ml a shot gives acceptable coffee--although it is waaay better than instant (instant is a hot drink--but isnt coffee!).

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