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Thread: Machine Manual Upload/Download Section

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    Machine Manual Upload/Download Section

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    On 4 October 2007 in the Extreme Machine section, ZEDD suggested in a thread re a La Cimbali M27 Manual, that the CS site should have a section for manuals (in response to the constant stream of requests for La C manuals).

    Has this ever been given serious consideration? *There are lots of espresso machines and grinders that are lifetime pieces of equipment but the manuals quickly fall by the wayside, and even lower level, home machines could benefit. *I can see that it would represent a magnificent resource, provided that there were no copyright problems, and provided that the process of upload didnt represent a major workload for the Admin group (and that downloads didnt stretch the friendship with the ISP/host). *

    Hopefully the upload and download process could be independent of Admin intervention, similar to the YouTube model for example. *On the copyright question, I know that most manufacturers dont have a problem with posting of manuals for a huge range of different appliances and machines. *For espressso machines, and grinders, I guess that it would have to be on a case by case basis depending on the presence or absence of copyright notices, although the various sponsors who have agencies may also be able to advise.

    Anyone got any thoughts on this, especially the Admin group/Mods who may have additional work if this were to happen, and Site Sponsors who may be able to contribute manuals or comment re copyright?


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    Re: Machine Manual Upload/Download Section

    Hi Scorpion and others

    It would be an excellent resource particularly for users that restore older machines. However, the main problem with this is copyright.

    > depending on the presence or absence of copyright notices ...

    It doesnt make any difference if there is a copyright notice or not - the manuals are automatically copyrighted to the company that made them and permission has to be explicitly obtained to have them available for download. For instance as soon as you make a photo or make a book or short article, i.e. any creative work, the law is that copyright exists for that work. You dont have to apply for it or register it. Placing a copyright notice on it is good practice but not necessary.

    Hence the problem for the admins is that they would need to contact the companies and get permission.
    (Technically people should have permission for all the little images on this site of coffee machines but common sense tells the companies that its effective advertising.) Copyright also allows the use of images or material such as manuals for the purposes of criticism or review. But an archive of them for the convenience of users or keeping for posterity is not an allowed exception under copyright law.


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    Re: Machine Manual Upload/Download Section

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    Yeah Mike, I was concerned that copyright could be an issue and thats why I hoped to hear from Site Sponsors who are also agents for some of the machines. Even if material is copyrighted, some owners may be happy for material to be distributed via the CS site as it sustains the interest in their product and spare parts catalogue.

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