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Thread: Some opinions on the M20 Cimbali

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    Some opinions on the M20 Cimbali

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    I have a friend who has an M20 Cimbali machine and wants to sell it. She is asking $500. My sister is looking for a machine for her cafe/deli she is setting up, but doesnt want to spend a lot.
    Her cafe will be in a small country town (pop. app. 1500) with minimal amount of tourist traffic at this stage. Can anyone give us some advice on if this is a good buy!!! Or if anyone has any recommendations on what to get.


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    Re: Some opinions on the M20 Cimbali

    Hi melatassilem and welcome to CS!

    The M20 is a great machine and there are a few owners here..JavaB, Javaphile (?).

    How good the particular machine your friend is selling is impossible to say as it would depend on how carefully its been looked after.

    You might like to take a look at the following thread for some info....

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    Re: Some opinions on the M20 Cimbali


    Welcome to CS.

    Well I love my M20.... but these models are quite old now.... around 20 years! The price being asked is about right.

    They are built like a tank, spares are readily available..... but before one could be used in a commercial environment it would probably need a major overhaul to ensure it was reliable..... and unless you have the time - and knowledge *- to do that yourself..... it would be expensive!!

    As soon as I purchased mine (in working condition - removed from a cafe) I stripped her down and did a clean and full refurb.... components cost very little..... but if I had to pay someones time to do the work :( :( :(

    They make a great espresso, but Id be thinking about a more recent (and more expensive!) machine..... as it needs to be 100% reliable for cafe use (which mine has been by the way)....

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    Re: Some opinions on the M20 Cimbali

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    we are starting to use an m20 at our new cafe. we have had to spend about $1500 to rebuild it. that includes parts and labor. and we got a deal on that because it needed lots of work. but now it is running and needs some tweaking. but i think its going to work. id say its worth it to use your m20 if you can find a friend who knows how to fix the machines and will charge you a friendly rate. it all depends on what is wrong with it. i guess id get an estimate first.

    we might be interested in buying it from you for parts--if you are not too far away... we are in Asheville, North Carolina.

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