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Thread: Faema Family

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    Faema Family

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    Hi ,
    I have a Faema Family which needs repair. My spouse put butter on top of the boiler and caused a fire I live in Melbourne any suggestions. The wiring to the Brew thermostat seems to be brunt out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Mike ;)

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    Re: Faema Family

    I know it is not nice to laugh at other peoples misfortune, and that this is unhelpful, but I did have a good chuckle at your description of how the machine burnt out :)

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    Re: Faema Family

    Someone should be along soon that can point you to a local repairer.

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    Re: Faema Family

    hey mike
    i have the same model (sans butter) that i pulled apart and basically cleaned up and put back together with a new pump.

    I got craig the techie from veneziano in abbotsford to have a look at my machine when i had some trouble with backlushing. he worked his magic and may be able to help you out. call Veneziano (site sponsors) and tell him I sent you!


    ps- try pedro from coffeeparts (another site sponsor) as well - he knows a heck of a lot about just about everything

    good luck


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    Re: Faema Family

    Take it to Genovese. They used to sell them and should be able to fix it blindfolded.

    Attilio aka Fresh Coffee
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    Re: Faema Family

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    You can try these guys in Melbourne

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