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Thread: Tips using Moka/Brikka pot

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    Tips using Moka/Brikka pot

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    Im trying to use a 2-cup Brikka pot on my gas stove but because
    the pot is so small, it cant stand stable on stove.

    Is there any trick to do this? I suppose a lot of people would have similar problems.

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    Re: Tips using Moka/Brikka pot

    You have to be attentive and hold it
    If you are not looking
    Coffee will overflow very quickly and easily


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    Re: Tips using Moka/Brikka pot

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    not sure what they are called but I have seen them available continental delis. They are a star shape made of steel and they sit over the 4 points of the trivits ( I think thats what its called) of your cooktop.

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