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Thread: Kitchenaid Problem

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    Kitchenaid Problem

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    Hi, I was looking for solutions to my problem and I found this awesome site.

    I have a Kitchenaid Artisan and after having it for 12 months it is starting to play up.
    I regularly maintain it and use filtered water.
    It is spraying out water with the steam. And with the steam valve turned off it still has steam slowly coming out.
    The needle on the gauge doesnt move anymore.
    Also I have noticed in the last month heaps of condensation in the 2 gauges.

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Kitchenaid Problem

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    Hi Lickapop,

    If there is steam leaking out all the time, its probably time to replace the seals in the valve itself.

    As for water spraying out of the steam wand, does it do it all the time when steaming, or just for the first few seconds?
    If its only for a few seconds at the start, its nothing to worry about as its just the steam condensing in the steam wand. *If its coming out all the time, it could be a problem with the steam boiler (or thermo block, not sure?). *Possibly the pressure / thermo stat, or maybe scale buildup is limiting the heating of the element. *Have you done a descale of both boilers lately?

    The condensation in the gauges could just be from the faulty seal in the steam valve.



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