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Thread: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

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    Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

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    I have not really had a chance to look into it, but why wouldnt an induction plate work instead of a boiler element?
    It would have advantages like not blowing the element if the boiler goes dry, no element hole (less chance of leaks etc..) and so on.
    There cheap (I paid around $30 for my 1800w one) and work great with a pressure cooker, which is essentially just a S/Steel boiler.

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    Re: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

    Not that I know much about this sort of struff, but I would imagine that an element would be far more efficient at heating the water as it immursed WITHIN the water, as opposed to an external induction plate which does not have direct contact with the water and is only heating from one side (or top / bottom / where ever...). So I suppose you would need a much more powerfull induction heater to get the same performance and recovery speed as an element.

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    Re: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?


    An induction system will heat any metal in the surrounding area. So any metal part in a coffee machine will get hot not just the water in the boiler. Hence youll need to totally redesign the machine to accomodate an induction boiler.

    And as g00se alluded to - there is really no advantage to using induction in a machine where the element is inside the boiler. Things like saucepans which are heated externally and you have to *conduct* the heat from an outside element to food inside are a good candidate for induction cooking.

    But its good to see one product like an induction heater and think if it can be used elesewhere like in a coffee machine. Good ideas spring from people like you questioning the status quo.


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    Re: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

    Just a thought here all but induction requires STEEL or IRON to work as far as I know ;) Without fitting a steel or iron plate within the boiler system somehow it wont work. Maybe a reverse bonded saucpan type base Brass/Iron/Brass would be possible but still no cheaper I think.

    Before someone else thinks it you can use stainless but it is not magnetically effiecient.

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    Re: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

    Good lateral thinking
    Can an induction cooker be shaped like a boiler wrapping around a steel cyinder. This would be better than a heating element inside a boiler.

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    Re: Why dont we have EM induction based boilers?

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    Im thinking more induction roaster now.....hmmm

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