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Thread: ECM Giotto Classic, or must it be Premium?

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    ECM Giotto Classic, or must it be Premium?

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    Hi :)

    Does anyone have an opinion about whether the ECM Giotto Premium is significantly improved from the Classic? Should I try to get a second-hand Classic, or be patient and save up for the Premium?

    I also like the look of the Diadema Juniors and the Isomac Millenium. My hip-pocket tells me to go for the Rancilio Silvia, but Im sooooo tempted by the HX machines! [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]


    PS - being left-handed, its so exciting to note that so many of the machines on the market have the steam wand on the left hand side! Suits me just fine.

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    Re: ECM Giotto Classic, or must it be Premium?

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    Youll probably struggle to find a classic 2nd hand anyway- however the differences/enhancements on the premium are:

    • ball-jointed steam wands that stay cool during texturing
      male steam wand tip rather than female
      better texturing performance- more steam
      differences in control handles- the new polished centre
      1/2 moon shaped rather than round boiler pressure gauge

    All of the HX machines that you mentioned are excellent and many of them are sold by the site sponsors....perhaps you may try dropping them a line *:D

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