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Thread: best way to store a gaggia classic

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    best way to store a gaggia classic

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    Ok, so I havent sold my classic yet, and dont know if i can bring myself to... (yes I am a sentimental old fool)

    so, failing that, if i am not going to regularly use it, what is the best way to ensure that the boiler is empty and prep it for any term of storage? I certainly dont want to ruin it just by leaving it unused.

    thanks in advance for tips and suggestions.

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    Re: best way to store a gaggia classic

    I stored mine for 18 months or so, then reactivated. I did nothing special about preparing it for storage other than a surface clean and group head clean. On resurection it worked Ok

    Main thing is to store al the components together - including the manual. Easy to loose things in my house.

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    Re: best way to store a gaggia classic

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    First do a complete clean
    Store all loose items in there own box and label
    I think that one of those smaller plastic boxes on wheels should do the trick to store all components
    Stick an old pillow with it to provide padding if required

    And seal it with the lid


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