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Thread: Group seal oddity

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    Group seal oddity

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    So Ive had my Minore for a while now, and just noticing something about the group seal when I lock in the PF.

    I thought that as group seals went on they got more compacted and bedded in. And subsequently you end up having to turn the PF further around. For example, in stead of it facing 6 oclock, you have to face it at 4/5 oclock (thats locking it in from left to right).
    Ive noticed that as time has gone on I dont have to lock it in as hard, as in I only have to get it to 6:30/7 oclock before its sufficiently locked in. I can get it to 6 but its not as easy as it used to be. So can I make the assumption that the group seal hasnt actually compressed over time, but has hardened up instead.

    Im not getting any leaking or anything and it doesnt bother me in the slightest, just wondering.


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    Re: Group seal oddity

    This might not answer your question ::) , but I noticed when I changed mine a while ago that it wasnt rubbery-bendy anymore like the new one I put in, but was really hard and brittle.

    Someone who actually knows what theyre talking about may appear now ....

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    Re: Group seal oddity

    My old seals from the Leva have less flexibility than when new (not that are very flexible to begin with) so Id say you are right; they harden.

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    Re: Group seal oddity

    Ive got a few new ones lying around just in case anywho. So when the time scmose when i get a stray spraying out the side Ill know its time to change.

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    Re: Group seal oddity



    the seals dry out with heat and coffee grounds, and become hard and brittle

    sometimes, coffee grinds get embedded into the rubber, causing them to thicken

    if this occurs you are best to replace the seal , and improve your cleaning tecnique

    dont wait for seals to dry out before they are replaced

    this causes excessive wear on the PF and the group


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    Re: Group seal oddity

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    cheers graham, thanks for the tip, I think Ill give it another few weeks and swap her over.

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