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Thread: seized pump

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    seized pump

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    Has anyone had a similar problem or some advice for me? * We had a weekend away and I thought that rather than settle for “instant” I would take my old Krups Nova (circa ’98) with me. * Yes, I know, but if you’ve practiced it will produce a reasonable shot. *[smiley=thumbsup.gif] *Anyway, it was working when put away after upgrading to the Silvia. * Long story short, the pump (ULKA) appears to have seized up. * I thought that I would soak it in some citric acid or CLR and see what happened! * What do you think? * Will this stuff it completely?

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    Re: seized pump


    this is very simple if the pump feed is by a simple silicon hose in the top of the water tank.

    Get yourself a veterinary syringe with end large enough to fit neatly into the feed hose. Fill the syringe with water, start the machine pumping and plunge the syringe into the line.

    CAREFUL not to plunge the syringe too forcefully or you can blow the other end of the feed line off the pump...then you have to pull the body to get to the pump to push the feedline back on.

    The above should "unseize" the thing and it should pump through. Stop the pump, put all back together and.....whalla.

    This is not uncommonm and is very easily remedied in most cases as above.

    If on the other hand the water feed is through a valve in the bottom of the tank you may well have to pull the body so you can get to the feedline to the pump, and the rest is still as above.


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    Re: seized pump

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    Thanks FC,
    Will give it a go and let you know how I get on.

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