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Thread: LITTLE *mod. to my Livia 90 _ HUGE differenc

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    LITTLE *mod. to my Livia 90 _ HUGE differenc

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    here is a little mod I made to my Pasquini,
    it can be done to pretty much any machine...
    a little hole in the center of the water tray, long hose and a gallon bottle in the bottom...
    the difference is HUGE..

    to make this possible I also have to custom made the legs, needed a much longer than the OEMs.

    hope it helps someone frustrated with small water trays..;)


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    Re: LITTLE *mod. to my Livia 90 _ HUGE differenc

    Nice work JJ! I probably would have considered something like that for the Silvia if I hadnt moved to the Expobar (which has a drip tray about the size of a small lasagna dish!). Who said the Yanks dont have some good ideas?! ;D

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