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Thread: OPV valve on Isomac Tea

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    OPV valve on Isomac Tea

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    Any Isomac users out there had the need to adjust their opv valve?
    Ive read heaps of reviews and users say have their machines set at 1.2ish on one manometer and 9-10 bars on the other. At the moment mine is 1.3 and 10.5-11bar when pulling shots, Im getting good espresso but it could be pouring a little fast, should I adjust the valve down a fraction and see if that makes a difference?
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    Re: OPV valve on Isomac Tea

    1.3 would be the boiler pressure setting which can be changed by adjusting the pressurestat setting.

    I dont have the Tea but I did some extensive research on OPVs a while back and the Isomac OPVs were really easy to adjust. Cant remember now the exact details but if you google adjusting isomac OPV youll get quite a few hits. What I remember was if I needed to modify the OPV in my machine or change the OPV in my machine, Id have ordered the Isomac OPV because of its ease of adjustment.

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    Re: OPV valve on Isomac Tea

    Quote Originally Posted by 61746363686B6768060 link=1231882439/0#0 date=1231882439
    At the moment mine is 1.3 and 10.5-11bar when pulling shots
    I know on my machine that the pressure gauge may not accurately represent the true pressure at the grouphead. It would be worth checking with your supplier if they checked it prior to shipping.


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