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Thread: San Marino Lisa

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    San Marino Lisa

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have just bought a San Marino Lisa 1 group machine.
    I was hoping someone might know how to program the shot timer buttons on my machine.
    Please help as I am desperate to get my machine working to its full potential.

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    Re: San Marino Lisa

    Check this thread:

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    Re: San Marino Lisa

    from my memory you need to hold down prog/stop button until the red lights on each button appear then press one of the shot buttons which should start pouring then press it again to stop it.
    it has been a while since i have set my machines but from my memory this is how you go about it.
    hope this can be of some help

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    Re: San Marino Lisa

    Hope this may help someone else who searches and finds this topic...

    Not sure if it is the same on the single group model but if I recall correctly on the 3 group model they hide away a service mode button on the right side of the machine underneath the cup warming panel.* You need to switch it in to "service mode" first before doing what timoaro suggests above with the prog/stop button and red lights...

    The service mode on/off locks out people messing with or messing up the volumetric buttons once set.

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