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Thread: ECM Giotto, couple of quick ones

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    ECM Giotto, couple of quick ones

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, the second hand Giotto I purchased was delivered efficiently by Packsend yesterday albeit for an inflated price,anyway to the point, the group head seems to be worn and the handle locks too far round so I pulled out the seal and it measures 8.5mm is it simply a matter of getting the 9.0mm? Next, I was hoping to use my pullman tamper however it is approximately 58.8mm and the baskets with my Giotto seem to be more like 58.4mm and in the bit of playing i have done so far I see that the shower screen is convex so if I am going to replace my tamper base is a convex base worth considering?
    * * Thanks in advance Chris

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    Re: ECM Giotto, couple of quick ones

    Hi there
    What condition is the shower screen in?
    I would be replacing that and generally you get a new seal with it, you will then be able to see how far the handle goes with the new components.
    I generally replace my shower screen and seal every 6 - 9 months, this may be overkill but for the cost of the items its a small price to pay to ensure this part of the machine is in tip top condition.


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    Re: ECM Giotto, couple of quick ones

    Thanks for the reply almost felt I was being Franked

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