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Thread: Espresso machine (undecided)

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    Espresso machine (undecided)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi,Im just after some help in choosing either a Bezzera Domus Galatea,Rocket Giotto or Vibiemme Domobar Super? Coupled with a Mazza Mini grinder for home use. Any help or hints would be welcome. * Cheers. :-/

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    Re: Espresso machine(undecided)

    3 great machines. Are you leaning towards any one in particular? Have you seen them all? Had a shot made on them? And why have these ones made your short list?

    Each has pros and cons, maybe you could tell us more about whats important to you,


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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    Hi nutnbolt and welcome,

    Theyre all great machines and you really could just choose the one you like. You will get a superb cup out of any of them- given a great grinder and fresh beans as well as good technique...

    Id suggest that you might look at the 2.0L Diadema offer as well..

    For mine:
    Outright grunt- VBM no contest-- but at a price
    Bang for Buck- Giotto- and gorgeous design features too
    Bling- Bezzera (Advertising agencies love em!)
    External finish- Diadema and Bezzera
    Best steam wand- Giotto
    Ease of fill- Giotto and Bezzera- followed closely by Diadema
    Best drip tray- VBM and then daylight
    Most forgiving- Diadema and Giotto
    Ease of service when parts are required- VBM, then Giotto

    We, and many other sponsors can assist with all of them. If possible, have a test drive (or be a passenger) to see what theyre capable of...

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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    I have seen many different machines over the past 14 months of research, and narrowed it down to these 3 mainly for being a robust machine,good looks serviceability and availability,thanks for suggestions. :-/

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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    well, we shouldnt add any complications then..... ;)

    ok here goes......

    Galatea - if you love the look of it, then buy it - I would have thought the galatea and the VBM - seem to be polar opposites.

    Space - the vbm is much deeper than the others (hence the forward drip tray as per post below) and looks taller - so if you are fine with the depth and you love the look of it, then buy it.

    giotto - looks the smallest of the 3 - if you like its more squat look, then buy it.


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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    Have you considered the Diadema range of machines "nutnbolt"? .... 8-)

    At the very least, they are in the same class as the machines you have already mentioned and perhaps this review of my "Extra" will be helpful...

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs by the way... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    Sheee-it......14 munce!!!

    Havent you died of caffeine withdrawal? And, if not, you musta spent close to the purchase price on second rate (if youre lucky, quite possibly 3rd rate) take away coffees.

    Seriously, cruise down to a local sponsor and check em out. If youre in Melbourne, I cant recommend Chris (Talk Coffee) too highly. He has a good range, is very patient, and will actually be there to support you after the purchase (cant rate that last one too highly).

    Good luck,


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    Re: Espresso machine (undecided)

    Quote Originally Posted by 6065766F6A77706B76697D040 link=1243572167/0#0 date=1243572167
    Hi,Im just after some help in choosing either a Bezzera Domus Galatea,Rocket Giotto or Vibiemme Domobar Super? Coupled with a Mazza Mini grinder for home use. Any help or hints would be welcome. Cheers. Undecided


    All of the machines mentioned are pretty well build and reliable, as well properly backed up with a good importers technical support and spare parts availability in Australia.

    We found that the best way of clarifying and assisting people like yourselves in taking knowledgable decisions about the right model for them is by trying before they buy, and go through their free assessment session with our professional staff. This is the very reason for Di Bartolis existence and why you see nowadays other retailers *adapting a similar strategy with prosumer level machines.

    You are welcome to visit us in Bondi Junction and spend as much time, asking as many questions, playing with all these three models and realize which is the one for you. If not in Sydney, ring us on 02 9389 9892 for your free assessment session over the phone, or email us on: well be happy to weigh pros / cons of all the machines for you.


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