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Thread: Upgrade to Sylvia & Rocky

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    Upgrade to Sylvia & Rocky

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    Hi guys. I currently have a Rancilio Sylvia & Rocky grinder that has given me fantastic service for the last eight years but I am ready to move up to a better machine.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am particularly interested to get your opinion about whether my Rocky grinder will be sufficient if I upgrade to a HX machine. I am thinking I would like to spend around $2000 on a machine but will consider more if I can be convinced the extra will be worth it.


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    Re: Upgrade to Sylvia & Rocky

    Hi XenneX1969, Rocky should do a good job with an HX especially if you do the stepless mod to him.
    There are heaps of discussions on new HX machines in this section if you check through past posts, heaps of discussion and suggestions from owners, sponsors etc.

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    Re: Upgrade to Sylvia & Rocky

    May suggestion will be give it a good clean and check your blades only because the grinder is over 8 year old.

    Otherwise will be fine for this machines

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    Re: Upgrade to Sylvia & Rocky

    Welcome XenneX1969... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Probably the best advice I can think of is to try a hands-on demo with all the machines that end up on your short-list and try not to be locked into thinking that there are only one or two machines worth looking at. All sorts of things fall into the decision equation at the end of the day and that is usually quite different from one individual to another.

    Pretty well all of our site sponsors have new machines on display that can be tried and used before making the big decision so you should take advantage of this. All the best with your try before you buy... ;)


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