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Thread: Digital Thermometer & Adapter for E-61 Group

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    Digital Thermometer & Adapter for E-61 Group

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I recently upgraded to a Unico splendor (from a sunbeam 6910) and the quality of my espresso improved dramatically. However after reading in more depth about the E61 group head and issues/discussion regarding its thermal stability, I have been wondering whether the coffee Im producing can be better. Especially so given that most of the time I really only have around 15 minutes or so to make a coffee before racing off. So I would like to look into logging the temperature or even PIDing my machine.

    Scouring the internet I came across a digital thermometer that screws into the e61 group head. Has anyone used this method or can comment on it. Also can you purchase this locally. Preferably from a site sponsor.


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    Re: Digital Thermometer & Adapter for E-61 Group

    That looks to be an EricS adapter. Randy Glass uses one, also Redzone

    Ive thought about it but they are about $100 US and by the time I had made up my mind, the Aussie had taken a tumble.

    Do a search on CS for erics over the last year and youll find a fair bit of info about it

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    Re: Digital Thermometer & Adapter for E-61 Group

    Howdy Jim

    Ive been having a few reservation about E61 group on smaller machines and not HX machines ..... see my post

    I dont think you *would have anything to worry about on the Splendor, except maybe to lower group temp after long periods of idling .

    Best idea for you if you only have 15min to do coffee in the morning is to put the machine on a timer and give it 40 min to warm up *before your early morning coffee..... 15 min will not give you good results .

    greg B
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    Re: Digital Thermometer & Adapter for E-61 Group

    cheers thanks for the replies.

    I think the $5 timer and a cooling flush is probably the sensible option.


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