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Thread: Boema Delux

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    Boema Delux

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Have the chance to purchase a Boema delux 1 group machine. Has anyone used one? I know they r Aust made and many auto buttons. Any comments on the coffee they produce or if they are a single boiler machine? This machine is 3 years old and recently serviced with documentation. The machine needs to be plumbed in. I can possibly buy machine (not online) for less than $1000. Any comments?

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    Re: Boema Delux

    Not this one is it?

    Or maybe not that, but same model?

    Cant help with the coffee they produce - but a quick google search of "Boema 1 group" told me more than I could be bothered to learn about this machine.

    Maybe try that.

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    Re: Boema Delux

    Australian assembled is probably more accurate, the general consensus is that the build quality is not high end. Not that I have a lot of experience with the brand.

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    Re: Boema Delux

    I know Andy has a Bo-Ema and is very happy with its performance. Given Andys particular coffee snobbishness ;), I would think that that was a good enough recommendation... Would be for me anyway 8-)


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