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Thread: La Pavoni P90

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    La Pavoni P90

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    Ive just bought a LaPavoniP90 machine but it needs new seals. Is it easy to fit them or is it preferable to get it done professionally.

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    Re: La Pavoni P90

    Its pretty easy to re-fit them yourself - just need a screwdriver, etc. to remove the current seals.

    Id recommend that while your at it, you should look at replacing the disbursement (shower) screen as well and please note there are 2 types of screens - one with a countersunk and the other without, just check with your parts supplier beforehand to make sure you are ordering the correct part number.

    depending upon the age and use of the machine, you might need a micro-washer (spacer) to bring back some depth to the group & handle fit as these "bulk" up a worn group assembly.

    If you check of (a sponsor) you might find a few different types of Pavoni parts - just make sure you are ordering the right bits.

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