Hello to all, I am new to the posting on this site, but have been reading lots for a while now. *I have a super automatic machine that I picked up for a couple hundred bucks recently. I havent had a chance to wire it up and plumb it in, but as soon as I get some help moving it out o my truck ( weighs about 175lbs).. I will be doing that. It still has the white plastic covering the Stainless in most places. Seems to *be missing the two ?? bean hoppers on the left side. I have never seen a super automatic from this company and even the guys at first line llc ( USA Distributer) *Cant seem to help with this. *The reply from the Italian Tech was " We *havent made them since 2005" *Mine is a 1996, but I was told it was a demo and doesnt seem used much at all. the person I bought it from *Bought it *from a restaraunt auction .

ANY information or Help you can give me is VERY helpful to me. I have a Solis SL 90 that I have been through a few times, but that is it for my experience with these machines, and that is a totally different animal compared to this. I do have Electrical and Electronic experiance and wiring and plumbing background, just not this specific *" avenue"

I look forward to any advice and will post the pics I have. I hope to keep a record of this project on the site and keep everyone updated