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Thread: Descaling

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    I know there are a few products available for descaling.
    Many years ago a i heard that vinegar & water or lemon juice and water could be used.
    I did use fresh lemon juice/water to descale my Gaggia Carezza many many years ago.
    This was about 8-10yrs ago.
    Is it the ascorbic or citric acid that does the job?
    And could this method be used - or are the bottles of stuff available now stronger.

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    Re: Descaling

    There has been plenty of discussion on this subject Lozzo, the concensus is that cafetto or similar products that are made specifically for espresso machines is the way to go.
    Citric acid tends to lift scale off in large pieces which can block the internals of the machine and cause major problems.
    If you do a search you should find plenty of discussion on the subject.
    cheers gm

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