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Thread: Dirty Faema?

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    Dirty Faema?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello All
    Any tips on getting rid of the brown flecs in the water from the group of my recently purchased Faema E98/S1 Compact? Ive done many a back flush using detergent and cleaned the group filter basket. (Oh yes and I must add Ive managed to fix a sticking level indicator ball already, by following very useful comments on this site.)
    All the best

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    Re: Dirty Faema?

    have you taken off the showerscreen etc and cleaned these separately? thye may be all clogged up and need to take off to clean.

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    Re: Dirty Faema?

    we just did this today on our Rancilio S24, we got it a few days ago. (the screw was stuck and we had to wait for a chance to get a better driver from the hardware shop which is always closed when we need it). Man, that was some vile coffee residue living in there. Totally feral baked on crap stuck in the holes on the underside of the screen. Suddenly our shots arent bitter!
    We highly recommend giving them a clean.

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    Re: Dirty Faema?

    does the machine have a drain from the boiler? it might run to the waste / drip tray. Might be worth flushing out the boiler as it might be a bit stired up from the pick / delivery or flaky from sitting dry or something.

    I am assuming you have cleaned the group out properly by removing the screen, seal, dispersion block etc.

    your using coffee detergent right?

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