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Thread: machine advice - melbourne

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    machine advice - melbourne

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Im a newbie to this site but would be very keen for advice. I nearly dropped #3,000K on a automated delonghi cappucino machine from harvey norman today but then thankfully started doing some research and discovered this website - and realised how an auto machine would have been a terrible mistake. Having said that, I now need advice on a machine.

    I LOVE my cappucino and consume around 3 cups a day. I have a fairly small kitchen so am looking for a fairly compact machine (max of cups of a coffee at a time is fine). Im happy to buy a boutique brand but dont want something so rare that servicing or parts replacement is impossible.

    Can someone please give me some pointers.

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    Re: machine advice - melbourne

    Quote Originally Posted by 7A6C7D7178787B7B1E0 link=1247379203/0#0 date=1247379203
    (max ofcups of a coffee at atime is fine)
    How many cups at a time would you be catering for?

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    Re: machine advice - melbourne

    Quote Originally Posted by 2D3B2A262F2F2C2C490 link=1247379203/0#0 date=1247379203
    I have a fairly small kitchen so am looking for a fairly compact machine *
    Hi & welcome
    Bezzera BZ07 single group will handle your coffee making needs & solve the space problem *;)


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    Re: machine advice - melbourne

    call this guy Chris in MLB

    Phone: 0401 679478 or 03 94894025
    <--------------sponsor from over there

    forget harvey norman, nice place for a tv not coffee

    with 3k your gonna get some shiny bling bling coffee goodness :)

    oh and welcome

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    Re: machine advice - melbourne

    Hi drcoffee and welcome,

    Good thing you found CS before you blew your dough ;)

    $3k gets you into some pretty nice gear and will guarantee you a great cup when used well.

    There are a number of Melbourne sponsors including DiBella, Veneziano, Genovese and of course us- Talk Coffee.

    Wed be only too happy to run you through few possibilities.

    Happy shopping!


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