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Thread: Eeny meeny....

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    Eeny meeny....

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    Ok, a VBM domobar junior or a Diadema junior regal. I dont have the opportunity to play with either of them, *what would make you chose one over the other? Or should I just go for the pretty one?


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    Re: Eeny meeny....

    Tough question as few would have had the opportunity of using both. Those who may be in the best position to answer this question are site sponsors who sell both machines.

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    Re: Eeny meeny....

    Quote Originally Posted by 4A67646467080 link=1248793745/0#0 date=1248793745
    Ok, a VBM domobar junior or a Diadema junior regal.
    I had the same final two (+ Giotto) - went for the Regal, based on great looks, build quality benefits, smaller footprint and a fair bit cheaper to buy. Also, great service from Cosmorex...
    Both are great machines (I had a chance to have a bit of a play with a VBM) - but I havent looked back from the Regal and have no regrets. And I havent noticed a lack of steaming power which I thought was going to be a step down from the VBM... ;)
    All the best!


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