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Thread: Dressed to Impress

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    Dressed to Impress

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have just got married and have got some money left over from the wedding and honey moon and want to get rid of my EM6900, yes 3 years old and never played up. I have no brand favorites, like sunbeam but thats all i have ever know but know i might need something better suited to my tastes as there is a great little cafe down the road that roasts daily :D:D, So i have a sunbeam grinder, the doselss model, with slow speed conical burrs ect, will i need to replace this at the same time or could i just look at a new machine in this next price range, can i have some opinions of what is out there and what people like. Cheers

    Also as the subject denotes, i would prefer a machine that is easy on the eye, also i dont want automatic, if i did i would drink dish water at McDonalds :P
    hope i didnt offend anyone with that last comment

    Cheers and Beers

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    Re: Dressed to Impress

    Mate, no offence taken--you can drink dishwater from anywhere you want! :D

    We really need a price range, and an idea of the usage pattern, to be able to recommend anything, and looks are very individual, so you need to front up to a sponsor to see the machines in person. Ergonomics are also a very individual choice and the only real option here is to play on the machines and work out which suits you.

    The 0450/0480 Sunbeam grinders (if that is what you are referencing) are good entry grinders and will do up to (IMO) low-end HX machines, although a better grinder will certainly deliver better coffee.


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