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Thread: Giotto premium in Adelaide

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    Giotto premium in Adelaide

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does anyone sell these machines in Adelaide?

    Cheers :)

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    Re: Giotto premium in Adelaide

    Hi AREXTwo,

    Considering no Adelaide sponsor sells the Giotto I hope its ok if I mention xxx. They definitely sell the Giotto.

    Although a good store I find their equipment overpriced. I would highly recommend speaking to one of the interstate sponsors such as Talk Coffee. It would be considerably cheaper to buy from them even with the delivery costs.

    You could always go to Rio to have a test run of the machine then buy from one of our sponsors. It sounds cheeky I know, but we have some excellent sponsors on this site who contibute greatly to the coffee education of many so Im happy to refer people to them at any opportunity.

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    Re: Giotto premium in Adelaide

    Hi Arextwo,

    Our Adelaide sponsor is The Coffee Barun and Im sure that Mark can probably source you a machine if you decide you wish to purchase a machine in your home town.

    Lots of CS sponsors do sell the Giotto and without their generosity and contributions of $$$, time, advice and CS events, this would be a different place.

    We greatly appreciate CS member support of sponsors and encourage you to contact a few. You will no doubt be glad you did. Most/all will have reciprocal service arrangements in Adelaide. No need for freebie plugs for non-sponsors then ;)

    mod team

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    Re: Giotto premium in Adelaide

    Good call 2mcm. I enquired about a Diadema from Talk Coffee recently and they said any servicing under warranty would be performed by The Coffee Barun.

    If the price I saw on the Rio website was correct you would save around $400 by purchasing from one of the CS sponsors.

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