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Thread: La cimbali junior - user experience - noob questions

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    La cimbali junior - user experience - noob questions

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    Hi all

    I am looking at a Junior 2nd hand (about 10 years old, plumbed), but after researching as much as possible I have a few questions for those that have them:
    Are the vibe pumps very noisy? I have heard 1 reviewer saying it woke him at night!
    Should you really leave them on 24/7, and if so, do they chew through a lot of power?
    Are they very finicky and require an excellent technique more so than other machines?

    Would love some feedback


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    Re: La cimbali junior - user experience - noob questions

    Hi again, vibe pumps are noisier than rotary pumps, but not that noisy.Alot of it comes down to machine design and pump placement.
    The junior certainly could be left on 24/7 as its a commercial machine, but by no means has to be.Be aware that if youre going to turn it off and on it will need at least 30-40 mins warm up.Another option is to put it on a timer so it turns on 30 mins before you wake up. Ther are things you can do to speed up the warm up like running water thru the group etc.
    The finicky reviews you read were probably referring to the rotary pump version where the prssure ramp up is very fast as opposed to vibe pump machines.Thats one advantage of vibe machines- a more gentle pressure ramp up.Also they are a non e61 grouphead, so the pre-infusion may be a bit faster opposed to an e-61 machine.

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