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Thread: course/instructor recommendations?

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    course/instructor recommendations?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Ive recently purchases a nice setup (Giotto PP with Macap D4) and am looking to do a Barista course to get the most out of my setup but rather then doing a generic espresso course I was hoping to find someone who either had the same setup at their course site, or who did home visit courses and Id much rather be instructed on MY setup (so that I truly get the most out of it), rather than on generic principles.

    If anyone has the same setup and has had a good instructor/course experience please share ....

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    Re: course/instructor recommendations?

    It would help us to help you a lot more if we knew your location Doc.... ;)


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    Re: course/instructor recommendations?

    sorry - Victoria.
    Orig from Melbourne but spend quite a bit of time in Ballarat as well.

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    Re: course/instructor recommendations?

    Dr Coffee
    I have the same set up as you and mine is also a recent acquisition.
    I am doing a 2 hour home course next week in Melbourne with The Espresso School (Coffeesnob sponsor) so I can learn how to get the best out of my set up.
    If you take a look at The Espresso Schools webpage you will see it offers a variety of courses which, by the sounds of things, would suit your requirements.

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