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Thread: Auto machine advice needed

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    Auto machine advice needed

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone, i have been a visitor to this site on a few occassions and i am a big fan keep up the good work.

    I am after a coffee machine that will suit our needs but i am a bit unsure on the way to go.
    My wife wants an automatic with self steamer but i am leaning towards a manual/semi automatic but here are my issues

    1. I need something that warms up quickly (max 5mins) as i am up at 5 in the morning and dont want to be waiting long.
    2. It would be making mostly coffe with milk so must able to do both at the same time
    3. It would be making coffee mostly for two people a couple of times a day with the occassional visitors
    4. My budget would be up to $1800 with grinder if going the manul/semi pro direction.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Rob :)

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    Re: Auto machine advice needed

    Hi Rob,

    The best advice I can give is that a search of this site (change time to more than the one week default) will give you lots of threads where very similar questions have been asked.

    There is much reading and them some deciding to do before parting with that sort of money.

    Enjoy the trip.


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    Re: Auto machine advice needed

    Im not an expert by any stretch Rob but I was in a similar situation a while back, before I found this site...

    I ended up buying a Saeco auto machine with manual milk steaming based on the only information I could find - we had a Saeco at work which had churned out over 16,000 cups before it crapped itself...

    We now have a Jura X9 at work and it makes crap coffee and the auto-milk system is a dead set PITA to keep clean and hygenic...

    While the Saeco is a single boiler, I steam the milk and gently agitate it by hand while it pulls the shots of coffee then complete the task... Ive had it 3 years now and it makes on average 4 - 8 coffees a day and thus far hasnt cost me a cent in repairs - it has outlasted 2 Gaggias purchased at the same time by friends although I dont know what sort of care they provided their machines...

    If I had my time again, I would buy a manual machine but to its credit it provides a user friendly entry to half decent home coffees...

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    Re: Auto machine advice needed

    Assuming you read here about autos and decided you want a decent coffee...

    Given the specs you need a heat exchanger, and none will warm up that quick - just leave it on the night before - no major drama (I leave mine on 24/7).

    Not too many choices in that budget. Id sugest a second hand grinder from around here of the $500 mark, and take a look at a new Nuova Simonelli Oscar or Expobar Office Semi Auto in that price bracket.

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    Re: Auto machine advice needed

    I have my Heat Exchanger machine on a timer to come on 1 hour before I get up.

    Id recommend you steer clear of an automatic.
    From what I read a lot of them are forever in for repair.

    Have a read about the Sunbeam 6910s.
    In your situation (starting out) I recommend it with the caveat that it will not last as long as say my Expobar.

    Current RRP is about $700 I think.
    That leaves you plenty in your budget to buy a top flight grinder that will never need replacing.

    Look at a Macap, Mazzer or Compak grinder.

    When you eventually decide to upgrade from the Sunbeam, any of those grinders will do your new machine justice.

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    hi man. I have a SB em0610 and it heats up in around 5-10 mins after i turn it on. It a decent machine just make sure you get a good grinder.

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    Re: Auto machine advice needed

    sorry typo i mean em6910

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